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15/U4 Airmaster

15/U4 Airmaster
KAB 15/U4 Airmaster KAB 15/U4 Airmaster - Dimensions

KAB 15/U4 Airmaster

The 15/U4 Airmaster is a low back air suspension seat, suitable for agricultural applications where there is limited floor space in the cab. The suspension unit and seat top are compact to allow for maximum comfort and performance in the smallest of spaces. The versatility of the seat makes it an ideal universal agricultural seat for most applications.


  • Air suspension
  • 12V integral compressor
  • Low backrest
  • 150mm vertical suspension stroke
  • 70mm integral height adjustment
  • 50-120kg weight adjustment
  • Slide rail adjustment
  • Adjustable armrests
  • EEC type approved classes I/II/III


  • Seat belt
  • 180 degree turntable
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