KAB 854 KAB 854 - Dimensions

KAB Air 854

The KAB Air 854 is a high back air suspension seat from the 800 Series range suitable for the agricultural and construction sectors. It's high backrest is ideal for sprayers and other machinery where rearward viewing isn't possible. The seat is also designed with a blank mounting plate on the side of the suspension unit to allow fitment of a vehicle's original control pod, allowing for retro-fitment into many agricultural applications that require a control module for function.


  • Air suspension with manual valvle (for tapping off vehicle's own air supply
  • High backrest
  • 175mm vertical suspension stroke
  • 75mm integral height adjustment
  • 50-120kg weight adjustment
  • Left-hand armrest
  • Blank mounting plate of right-hand side of suspension for retro-fitment of vehicle control arm
  • Lumbar support
  • Slide rail adjustment
  • Backrest angle adjustment
  • Static lap belt
  • EEC type approved classes I/II/III


  • Headrest
  • Variable damper
  • Waterproof protective seat cover
  • RH Armrest



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