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KAB Office Chairs are designed for use in a wide range of general office and 24 hour office environments. The chairs have been designed with the user in mind, providing back support and all-round comfort for the user. This helps to maintain alertness and concentration at work which can improve workplace productivity.

The KAB Office range are perfect for 24-hour work enviroments, such as security offices, power station terminals, emergency services etc.

As well as new seating, we offer a range of replacement parts and accessories, as well as an on-site inspection and repair service.

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Executive ACS Office Chair

A premium office chair featuring an Air Comfort System. The system enables users flexible comfort through 8 lumbar zones, tailoring lumbar support according to individual user requirements.

Executive Office Chair

Ideal for prestige offices, company executives and 24 hour use. It's wide flat cushions also make it ideal for large users.

Controller Office Chair

A 24-hour office chair primarily used in surveillance and control stations as well as deluxe office environments

Director Office Chair

A versatile 24-hour office chair ideal for senior personnel, 24-hour workstations and heavy-duty work environments.

K4 Premium Office Chair

The K-Series modern ergonomic styling and all round comfort make it equally ideal for 24/7 applications such as Control Rooms, Operation Centres as well as General offices. An adjustable seat base cushion provides suitability for operators of all different heights.

Navigator Office Chair

A quality medium sized orthopaedic chair for VDU operators, general office use and internet users. It is a mid-height backrest chair with adjustable backrest.